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At our core, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional gaming experiences within the simulation, management, and tycoon genres. Since our establishment in 2017, we have continuously built our brand and have successfully sold over 800,000 copies of our games.

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What we offer

By partnering with Hovgaard Games, your game will receive immediate attention from our large and passionate audience. Moreover, we employ strategic cross-promotion techniques across all our titles to maximize exposure.

Access to our large playerbase

Gain access to a substantial community of simulation, management, and tycoon players who eagerly await innovative games like yours.

Financial support for your studio

We understand the financial challenges game development can pose. That's why we offer comprehensive financial support to help you release your game and ensure its success.

Expert guidance from our skilled team

Benefit from the expertise of our talented team of game developers, graphical artists, and game producers. We are committed to providing you with valuable assistance and guidance throughout the development process.

Full-scale marketing solutions

Our dedicated marketing team will handle all aspects of promoting your game, ensuring it gets the maximum attention possible. We want you to focus on building the game, not selling it.